Grace Link – Since 1991

Grace Link began its mission in Huntsville, Alabama as a Christ-centered counseling and discipleship ministry. Through its affiliation with the former Asociation of Exchanged Life Ministries and now Network 220, it has contributed to the spread of the new reformation of experiential sanctification.

From 1998-2000, Blake and Sandra Rymer (founders of GLI) spent two years on the mission field in Budapest, Hungary. This experience not only enriched their relationships with Christ but also expanded the vision for GLI to include international mission investments in central Europe and South America.

SInce 2000 GLI has closely collaborated with Rivertree Church in Huntsville to equip leadership and laymen using discipleship counseling, training events, and mission opportunities to expand the impact of the local church. Over 10,000 individuals have been touched by the message of the original gospel: You can have eternal life now and you can experience transformational living the way Jesus Christ modeled it.

If you ‘d like more info on discipleship counseling, Jesus-based leadership development, GLI training events or liberating prayer ministry contact Blake Rymer at 256-682-2216 or Jeff Mikatarian at 256-763-9411, or email us at gracelink@gmail.com.