Beginning Again

Life is full of challenges.

I’m facing one now as I attempt to create this new website for Grace Link. I am assuming that my daughters can assist me with the creative element at the very least. For me creativity is deciding that a pink polo shirt would be okay to wear with khaki slacks to church! Oh I’ve been known to write poetry for special occasions like my daughters’ weddings. It was a way for me to avoid the other challenge of trying to officiate the services without turning into a blubbering, sentimental fool and for the family to avoid the embarrassment of having to bring in a reliever from the pastoral bullpen! Even then I could barely make it through reading the poems without slobbering all over myself.

The poems were decent I guess and it seemed somehow fitting that I try to express to my three girls my pride and how precious and unique each of them are. But it seems my creativity, such as it is, requires an impending crisis such as a wedding to get cranked up and running. Now I’m not suggesting that “creating” a website rises to the level of crisis as our weddings, but they worked out well mainly because the girls were so much a part of them. I pray they can bring  a similar level of creative expression and completion to this challenge too.

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