God Thoughts (3)

“…whom I have created for My glory.”  Isaiah 43.7

I’m thinking I’d like to dwell on this idea a bit longer.

Here’s why: As image bearers of God we have a vital function, an enormous privilege really, that nothing else in the created order can pull off in the same way we humans can.  I think it means that in some way we must “look” more like God or must “be” more like Him than anything else in creation.

Because the core of our being is spirit, you and I have the innate potential both to experience and to manifest God-likeness.  In doing this we are most fulfilled personally and we fulfill our created purpose.  In this one simple scenario we bless God and are blessed by Him and His glory flows on earth.  Life need not be more complicated than this.

Why then is life often anything but simple?  One of us, Adam, thinking he had hit upon a shortcut to glory, introduced the world to sin.  Since early creation this adversary has worked to mobilize multitudes into disappointment and death.  Our God-imaging ability was hijacked to serve sin.  Without understanding sin’s adversarial bent against God and His glory, we will never understand the loss of human glory nor the perplexities of life on earth.

The Gospel is the good news that God sent Jesus, also one of us, to defeat sin and to break its tyranny over humanity.  Now, in Christ, the privilege of revealing God’s glory is restored to us.  Through His resurrection life in us we can be that God glorying creation and life can become simple again.

For to me, to live is Christ…”  Philippians 1.21

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