What is unique about our counseling?

Although Adam and Eve did extreme damage to the gig that God set them up in, we still believe that God created you and me in His image. This idea doesn’t mean he intended us to be gods; instead, it suggests that when we consider ourselves or others, we should be able to observe god-likeness in our character, behavior, and relationships.

What is unique about our counseling - Then Grace Link

When we’re truly honest with ourselves, however, we can find ample evidence that we’re generally failures in the god-likeness exam. A primary story line in the Bible is that left to himself man never lives up to his God-given potential and in fact, he can be very un-godlike at times. I think you know what I am talking about.

But playing God or trying to act like God is not the solution. The solution for us is much more basic and simple. The solution is learning to be more fully human, which means being less independent of God and more totally dependent on God. This increased dependency then takes us back to God’s original design. For there is nothing other than God’s life living in us and flowing through us that can form genuine god-likeness within us and manifest it through us.

We believe this is the essence of transformed living and is a prime point of salvation. Our counseling approach is designed to help you learn what Jesus has done for you so you can engage what he has done within you and collaborate with what he wishes to do through you. I call it transformational counseling. (Galatians 2.20; Romans 12.1-2)

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