God Thoughts – the struggles of a message bearer (an aside)

As I prepare to present my favorite message in the whole world, Christ our Life, I sit in a flat in Warsaw, Poland trying to keep my concentration on editing the “Simply LIFE” material I have worked on the past few years, so I can share it in the time that has been set up for me by a hard working Polish pastor.  My recurring fear in these situations is that somehow my presentation will not do justice to the radical message that Christ came not just to give us life but to be our life.

The fact that I am here again is pretty bizarre.  Although we served for two years as missionaries in Budapest, Hungary and I’ve made numerous return trips to central Europe to follow up with ministries here, I always struggle with what to say, how much to say and will they understand how totally amazing is this grace and truth covenant that Christ has inaugurated to include us.

This is the message that reoriented my life around Christ (from ministry) and that gives substance to that ministry I asked Father to allow me to pursue.  As many times as I have shared this same message in as many venues and to thousands over 30 years, I still stumble over this concern – will anyone be able to understand me and have their relationship with Christ transformed the way mine was?

That is the sincere desire that awakens me some nights and occupies my mind even now as I try to refine away anything “American” or “Alabaman” that might contaminate the unveiled mystery that is Christ in us, us in Him and is our hope of experienced glory.  I do not want to miss this chance to speak the message well.  It was well presented to me and it changed my life.

Lord, allow me to do the same for others…you deserve the awe and the praise that it might evoke…as my gift to you.

2 Replies to “God Thoughts – the struggles of a message bearer (an aside)”

  1. Proverbs 20:12 “Ears to hear and eyes that see – the LORD has made them both.” Praying that your audience will have “the ears to hear” you Blake as you present this wonderful GRACE message.

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